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Welcome to KPCpay, the Kansas Payment Center’s electronic payment process.

Please enter all required values identified in bold below. Once all required values have been entered, hit the ‘Continue’ button, and follow the steps presented to complete the registration process.

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Field Definitions
User ID: User-selected identification that will be used, in combination with a password, for future access to the electronic payment process. The User ID must be at least 7 characters in length, must include at least one number and at least one letter, and cannot contain any special characters (such as +, *, %). The User ID is case sensitive—capitals and small letters are treated as different characters (for example, “A” is not the same as “a”). Please write down the User ID exactly the way you typed it because it will be needed to complete the registration process and to access the system in the future.
Company Name: The name of your business.
EIN: The federal employer identification number (EIN) assigned to your business for taxes. The EIN is a nine digit number.
First Name: Your first name.
Last Name: Your last name.
Middle Initial: Your middle initial.
Email Address: Your email address at your business.
Address 1: The postal address (1st line) for your business. The fields below for Address 2 (if you need it), City, State/Province, Country, and Zip/Postal Code will complete the postal (mailing) address.
Address 2: The postal address (2nd line) for your business.
Country: The country in which your business is located.
City: The city in which your business is located.
State/Province: The state or province in which your business is located. This field will be State whenever Country is the United States. It will be Province whenever Country is not the United States.
Zip/Postal Code: The zip/postal code for the postal address for your business.
Phone Number: Your daytime phone number at the business. This number will be used to contact you if questions arise regarding electronic payments submitted.
Cell Phone Number: Your cell phone number at the business. This number will be used to contact you if questions arise regarding electronic payments submitted.
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Note: The identity of the specific computer you are using to register for KPCpay is being noted by our system. That computer’s identity will be used to authenticate your identity the next time you log onto KPCpay. If you log on using a different computer, you will be required to answer Challenge Questions before access is granted.
1) Q: What if I do not have an email address?
A: An email address is required for registration and ongoing use of KPCpay. An internet search for ‘free email’ will provide you with numerous options for obtaining an email account that is free of charge.
2) Q: Will I need to register more than once?
A: No, the registration process is a one-time event. After successfully completing registration, you will have a valid User ID and password to use. NOTE: After the first person registers for your business, all subsequent users for that business must be registered by calling KPC Customer Service at 1-877-572-5722 during weekday business hours. For more information, go to the KPC web site at www.kspaycenter.com and click Pay Online on the left side of the screen. There, click Help and go to Tips & Troubleshooting (Employers: Adding new KPCpay users for your business).
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